A Good Reason To Buy A MacBook Air

A few weeks ago it was a question yet what main feature to develop for Ninja in the second half of the year. Then we decided. It’s going to be the iOS client. Actually it’s an iOS client that will be an extension for the mobile browser. You tap on Share in the mobile browser and you’ll be able to select Ninja. Then you can select which Tab/Category you want to add the bookmark to and you can also add tags to the bookmarks. These features are currently missing when you add a link to Ninja by sending it to the add@bookmarkninja.com email address on a mobile device.

Ordered a MacBook Air

Developing an iOS app requires a Mac. I know that Microsoft has provided some solution to develop iOS app on Windows, too, but I prefer the native solutions. Also as far as I know in the Windows development environment you are not able to submit your application to the App Store, that action still requires a Mac. I have a 2008 iMac but it is not supported by the latest version of macOS and Xcode. So I have to buy some new Mac. Finally I chose a 2017 MacBook Air (1.8GHz dual-core i5, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD). It’s a kind of budget friendly option compared to the MacBook Pros ans iMacs. I read that quite a few developers use MacBook Air for developing. I hope it will be a good choice, I will share my experiences with you. The MacBook Air has been ordered, it is supposed to arrive next week.

Will learn new things

I’m really excited about the iOS client development. Not just because of the purchase of the MacBook Air (because buying a new hardware is always exciting) but also because I have to learn new things. When I took the Java classes a few years ago I learned about REST API, but I have never used it in my development work. The other thing is Swift on iOS. I few years ago I started to develop a game for iOS in Objective-C. The Objective-C was a big pain for me, I didn’t like it at all. After a year of part time coding I gave up and didn’t finish the game. I read Swift has a lot of improvements over Objective-C, I can’t wait to take a closer look on it.



    1. Well, yesterday the MacBook Air arrived… I’m disappointed with the quality of the screen, the fonts look so blurry compared to my Dell notebook. I know it’s not a retina display, but a screen with a 1,440×900 resolution should look much better. If it was a $300 notebook, then this screen quality would be acceptable. But not for a $1,500 MacBook Air… The only reason I purchased it because I will develop an iOS app. Otherwise I would never buy it. This is a real post from a real user… 🙂

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      1. Yes, an iPad Pro would be a good (and less expensive) option. But unfortunately Xcode is not available for iOS, it runs only on macOS. I’m not aware of other development options on iOS.
        I can also use my external monitor, which is even better if you do dev work. But still I’m disappointed about the quality you get for this much money.


      2. Would it have paid to get the 13 inch base Macbook Pro. If I had the extra money I’d be tempted to get that. I have an older 2012 Macbook Pro, but it isn’t Retina. The biggest issue I have with that one is I cannot do dual external displays without spending more money. Sucks that they didn’t do any updates to the Macbook Air, most people are thinking it will be taken away and maybe the 12 inch Macbook will drop in price to be what the Air is.

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      3. Actually I was thinking of buying the 13 inch base MacBook Pro but it’s $500 more expensive than the MacBook Air. The Apple products are extremely expensive in Hungary because of the high local taxes. Other than the poor screen quality it’s a decent notebook. For the iOS development I will probably use it with my desktop monitor, so I won’t have the screen issue, either.


      4. Agree… My main dev machine is a windows pc i7/16GB RAM/256 GB SSD/1TB HD. I bought it 2 years ago, still works perfectly, I see no reason to change it for anything else.


  1. I use a desktop PC (Win 7) and a Dell notebook(Win 10) for my dev work. Love them, I have no issues with them. I don’t plan either to switch to Mac. Anyway, I’m sure that you don’t have this problem with the MacBook Pros, they have beautiful screens, but are even more expensive. I don’t think they worth the money.


      1. Probably I’m too picky… 🙂 I got used to the high resolution desktop monitor. In the browser I changed the zoom to 110-125% for some websites and they look much better. Anyway I love it. Enjoy your MacBook Air! 🙂

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    1. Other than the screen quality I’m also happy with my MacBook Air. I don’t like the way how the new Mac OSs render the fonts. It probably looks good on a retina display, but not on lower resolution screen.


    1. I’m not familiar with Docker, I hope you’ll be able to fix it soon… At least you have a retina display and don’t have the poor screen quality that I have on the MBA. Enjoy your MacBook Pro! 🙂


  2. Personally I wouldn’t bother with the MacBook Air, outdated specs and a hideous screen. It’s worth paying that little bit extra and going for the pro. Last month I was faced with the choice pro or air. The air was appealing because it was cheaper but for the specs and the awful screen resolution, I couldn’t justify the price. I’m so glad I went with the pro in the end.

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  3. I went from PC to MacBook Pro to my current MacBook Air and I’m really happy with it…especially when I travel, because it’s so small and weight practically nothing.

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    1. Regarding the weight and the size of the MBA I’m also happy with it. My only concern is still the screen quality. In this price range it should have a way better display. But I accepted it, I can live with it… 🙂

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    1. Since I cancelled my iOS project (now using bookmarklet instead) I don’t have any dev experience with the MBA. But will give it a try, I plan to setup the same Java dev environment (as I have on desktop) and will compare it with my desktop dev environment.

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